Through my art, I want to help others see what’s possible for themselves , to be more creative in their choices and solutions in life: to find their bliss .





I have been in love with the arts my entire life. I loved rainy school days growing up because that meant I would be doing art projects instead of going outside . Like many other kids, I took piano lessons growing up, continuing till I entered University. That was a crucial time for me, as I was directed away from following my passion, my love for art and music , and toward a more practical career choice ...nursing . I worked as a nurse for many years, in many different areas within the nursing field, until I could no longer deny my true self. I was conflicted about the desire to help others and what I saw as an ineffective, restrictive role I was playing. There was no room here to be creative. I started asking questions about why people had such difficulties making changes in their lives to get healthier. I also started questioning what my life purpose was...surely it was more than what I was doing at the moment? I didn’t want to have this dissatisfaction with” the job” infect my personal life as I’d seen it happen with so many others. I became disillusioned and did not want to participate in this sickness oriented system.



I started learning more about natural healing therapies and metaphysics . Reading many of the self help books ( some more “ helpful” than others) I found a wealth of possibilities to healing not just the body, but mind and spirit as well , something that was totally ignored in nursing . 

  This holistic approach appealed to me, touched me deeply and I started down a path: healing my own life .



  Of course throughout my nursing career I had continued my pursuit of the arts as a hobby, a side line. I took a pottery course that changed everything for me. I found a medium that I absolutely loved .I soon set up my own home studio , learning as much as I could by attending workshops , and any other means to acquire the skills and inspiration to work in clay.



  I started to see value in art, how much it means to me and to those who buy my work .I took an art history course online in which one lecture was on Neolithic cave art. It was beautiful! To think that cave dwellers faced with day to day survival , found it so compelling to do art in all its forms music, dance,

 painting, sculpture.

  Creating beauty, expressing those emotions that can only be expressed in art,made me realize that creative expression was surely as important to survival as food , water and shelter. There was no separateness in their lives. Body, mind and spirit were one. Making art is healing for our body, mind and spirit and it’s sadly lacking today in our “advanced world”. Recently I’ve begun painting , and a new love affair has begun: color, texture , shape, playing with nature inspired imagery, fantasy , human figures.... and wonderful friendships with others sharing the creative life journey.



  My love of art and the desire and commitment to helping and connecting with others who want to live a more inspired life, led to the development of my creativity workshops. People are given the opportunity to re-connect with their fun playful nature, igniting that spark we all need to fire up our lives!



Like I said before , your life is an ongoing process, always changing, always moving forward. It is your own personal art project to do with as you wish, and as any masterpiece, all you need to start is creativity and a leap of faith!