This workshop is designed to explore our creativity through play. It is not meant to teach technique or skill,it means to engage each participant with their creative nature/ essence.

The focus of these workshops is"  process not product." You will re-ignite your curiosity, learn to trust your intuition, access your creative subconscious, examine self- criticism & fear of failure in a nurturing non-competitive environment. Through discussions, we will look at  what we mean by creativity, how it applies to our every day life , what beliefs we have that block our self expression and look at  strategies/tools to bring a creative quality to our lives.

We will use many different media, paint, clay, written /spoken word, to stimulate all our senses in these exercises.

All you need to take part, is an open mind & willingness to have fun. When you unleash the creative flow you become a  better problem solver, more relaxed and more productive ; ready to set your own goals for creative living.

A. Einstein - "Give yourself permission to think extraordinary thoughts"

Workshops can be  adapted to suit your needs.                    

For details, questions and more contact me.